Is a drug rehabilitation program more effective than prison?

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Millions of Americans are affected by drug abuse, and some of those addicted turn to illegal activities to obtain the drugs they need. Imprisonment is often the penalty someone faces for involvement with illicit drugs—but there may be another option, especially for a first-time offender: drug rehabilitation.

Recognizing the problem

There is no question that obtaining, selling and abusing illicit drugs are illegal activities. When people become addicts, they will frequently go out of their way and do anything necessary to feed their habit. Nowadays, addiction is recognized as a disease. It affects the brain, changing it in such a way that the urge to find and use the drugs of choice is almost impossible to resist.

The drug rehab alternative

A judge may order the accused to enter a drug rehabilitation program. There are eligibility requirements, but basically, the participant must fulfill all the steps required in the program to complete the sentence imposed by the court. Some of these steps include:

  •         Completion of random drug screens
  •         Attendance at counseling sessions or support groups
  •         Regular meetings with a probation officer, if required by the court
  •         Reporting to the court about program progress on a regular basis

The focus of drug rehabilitation programs is to change the criminal behavior of participants. This is important, given that many people who are imprisoned for substance abuse become repeat offenders upon their release and are back behind bars within three years.

Help in Fort Myers

When someone is arrested for a drug crime in Fort Myers, a full investigation is launched to determine whether the arrest was handled properly, whether there were extenuating circumstances and much more. The goal is to reach the most positive outcome possible for the case. In terms of a first offense, especially, a drug rehabilitation program may be the proper solution—and certainly a better option than imprisonment.