The changing face of crime in Fort Myers

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2018 | Firm News

In Fort Myers, Florida, violent crime has always been an issue, just like many other cities throughout the country. A multitude of factors contributes to this situation, which requires a host of different strategies to solve the problem.

One often-overlooked factor in the reduction of violent crime is the impact that a new leader in the police force can have on reducing violent crime. In Fort Myers, a new police chief is the public face of a reduction in violent crime.

Changing police leadership and drop in violent crime

In recent years, the Fort Myers police department changed leadership and the new Fort Myers police chief said his major goal was to reduce violent crime. In the first year after the new police chief took over, violent crime (including murder, manslaughter, robbery and aggravated assault) in the area dropped by 20 percent. 

This is an example of how strategic community leadership can make a sdifference in crime levels. US News and World Report shows that Fort Myers has a lower-than-average violent crime rate when compared to the rest of the country. 

Not all crimes involve violence

While the drop in the violent crime rate is encouraging, not all crimes are violent, and the non-violent crime rate has actually experienced an increase. Common non-violent crimes include things such as motor vehicle theft and petty theft, as well as burglary. In these crimes, no one experiences physical violence, but the crime still results in damage, and there are still victims. 

A comprehensive approach to crime is the most successful way that communities can reduce their overall crime rate. It is also important to examine the type of crime that exists in a community, as well as how many people are first-time offenders. Not everyone who commits a crime is a hardened criminal. First-time offenders may simply need a strong criminal defense to help them get back on the right track.