3 common and costly mistakes after a motorcycle accident

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2018 | Firm News

Crashing your motorcycle may cause you to experience fear, shock and confusion. If you survive a motorcycle accident, you are lucky. Motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of death than car occupants. However, just because you are alive does not mean you should take everything for granted. 

To receive substantial compensation for your injuries and damage to your bike, you must be careful to avoid some costly mistakes. Here are a few common slip-ups you should be mindful of after your motorcycle collision:

1. Skipping medical attention

If you are fortunate, you may not notice any injuries immediately after the crash. If you do not feel hurt, you may think that you are fine to not seek medical attention. However, some injuries can manifest over the coming days and weeks, such as brain injuries and whiplash. But if you wait to see your doctor about them, the insurance company may not believe your pain or injuries are because of the wreck. Be safe and get a medical examination.

2. Talking to the insurance company without an attorney

You will likely receive a call from the insurer shortly after your crash. However, talking to the insurance adjuster without legal counsel can put your claim in jeopardy. You may accidentally admit fault or say something wrong that may cause you to lose out on the money you need.

3. Getting immediate repairs

It makes sense that you want to repair your motorcycle as soon as possible, but do not rush the process. The insurance company should thoroughly examine the extent of the damage before you get your bike fixed. While you may feel impatient, wait to conduct repairs until there is a complete inspection. 

It can be difficult to assess the aftermath of a motorcycle crash. While your emotions may be running high and the process can be complex, do your best to avoid these three expensive errors.