White collar crimes: Beware of unsolicited emails and job offers

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2019 | White Collar Crimes

Being tricked into becoming a money launderer can happen to anyone in Florida. An unsuspicious person could agree to the tricks of scammers without realizing that they are committing white collar crimes. Money mules are typically conned into processing money that was illegally obtained through legitimate sources to prevent law enforcement linking it to crimes.

An example of using innocent citizens to launder money is an international drug ring that wants to move significant amounts of capital across borders without drawing attention. They target unsuspecting people via emails and trick them into allowing large sums of money to be paid into their personal bank accounts. They then ask that third party to pay it into one or more other accounts. The third parties are often promised a percentage of the money as a sign of gratitude for their assistance.

Florida residents are advised to think twice before accepting job offers from individuals who want to use their bank accounts or ask them to register new companies into which funds will be transferred. Providing financial details to someone who is a stranger is not a good idea, especially if such a request comes via the internet. In many of these cases, the giveaway that should raise red flags is unsolicited emails and job offers that contain spelling and grammatical errors.

Unfortunately, innocent participants in white money laundering activities are often arrested and charged. The best thing to do at that time might be to secure the services of a Florida attorney who is experienced in advocating for those who are accused of committing white collar crimes. Cooperating with the FBI in such cases might be beneficial, but having legal counsel in their corners could improve the chances of receiving nothing more than a stern warning.