What to know about first-time drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2019 | DUI

No one in Florida intends to go out and be arrested for driving under the influence. Many times, drivers are not sure how much alcohol they can consume and still be able to drive lawfully. Most know what the legal blood alcohol limit is, but it is not unusual for drivers to get behind the wheel because they feel fine and think they are below the limit. Regardless, being pulled over and charged with drunk driving for the first time can leave a driver with many questions.

The best thing to do would be to get criminal defense counsel to protect one’s legal rights. First-time DUIs are often misdemeanors, but legal counsel is still a valuable asset. An experienced DUI defense attorney who is present during questioning and interviews with the police can help a client avoid incriminating statements. The lawyer can also scrutinize the methods used by law enforcement with a view toward presenting a strong defense in court.

If police lacked probable cause to stop a driver, a defense attorney may be able to get the charges dismissed. Furthermore, if it can be shown that the Breathalyzer machine used was not correctly calibrated, the results of any testing may be ruled inadmissible in court. After examining the charges and circumstances surrounding the police actions, the attorney can address any factual or legal issues in court..

Florida drivers who are convicted of drunk driving might be ordered to install an ignition interlock, which will require the driver to submit to a breath test before starting the vehicle. If  alcohol is detected, the vehicle will not start. However, with the support, guidance and advocacy of an experienced attorney, the most favorable outcome might be obtained.