Florida man charged with drunk driving of a golf cart

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2019 | DUI

A 45-year-old man in Florida recently learned that driving while impaired is against the law regardless of the type of vehicle used. A passerby noticed a driver who appeared to be falling asleep at a red light and alerted deputies. They responded to the scene and located the driver who was suspected of drunk driving of a golf cart.

According to deputies, they received the call shortly before 8 p.m. on a recent Thursday. They allege the golf cart operator had trouble answering routine questions, such as his name, and he became defensive when questioned about his birth date and address. Furthermore, a strong smell of alcohol was detected, and deputies claim his eyes were bloodshot and watery.

An arrest report further indicates that a pair of glasses were hanging from the man’s shirt, although he denied wearing glasses. After discovering open bottles of alcohol, authorities secured two breath samples to test. According to investigators, the blood alcohol content registered in both breath tests were triple the allowed limit of .08 percent. Furthermore, deputies allege the man refused to sign the DUI citation after reading it, and that led to additional charges.

Drivers in Florida who are facing charges of drunk driving and resisting officers, like this man, will be smart to secure the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Along with protecting the rights of the suspect during interviews and questioning, the lawyer can scrutinize the procedures followed by law enforcement and the validity of breath tests. Legal counsel will work to obtain the best possible outcome.