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Good People Do Get Arrested

Good People Do Get Arrested

More Florida visitors, more traffic, more chances for DUI

| Apr 19, 2019 | Firm News

Summer vacation time will be here before you know it and life will become more relaxed, except for the increase in visitors and traffic in our part of the Sunshine State.

The opportunities for DUI arrests increase at this time of the year, as well. However, two DUI tales from last summer show that some drivers do not consider DUI a serious matter.

The Vero Beach story

In one instance, a woman in Vero Beach called police to complain that a driver struck the rear bumper of her car repeatedly when she was in line at a McDonald’s drive-through. Police caught up with the man who was obviously inebriated. However, he denied that he had been drinking and driving because he only drank when stopped at a stop sign or traffic light.

The Port Lucie incident

In Port Lucie, a man was pulled over after police spotted his erratic driving behavior on I-95. The smell of alcohol emanating from the car was unmistakable, but the man claimed he was not the one driving: his dog was. Unfortunately for the driver, there was no dog in the car—but the passenger seat did have an open bottle of alcohol on itt. The man asked police for a ride home. They took him to jail instead.

Getting serious about DUI

If law enforcement arrests you on suspicion of drinking and driving, you will find that the officers do not bring a sense of humor to work with them. Even as a first offender, the penalties you face for driving under the influence of alcohol are harsh: Among other possible penalties, you will face stiff fines, the possibility of jail time and the loss of your driving privileges for a period of time.

Seeking help

If an arrest for drinking and driving spoils your summer fun, explore your legal options without delay. DUI is, in fact, a very serious charge, but an investigation could uncover errors made during your arrest. The court could reduce the charges against you or dismiss them entirely, and you could soon go back to enjoying your summer.