Florida lawnmower operator accused of drinking and driving

On Behalf of | May 21, 2019 | DUI

Operating a motorized lawnmower such as a John Deere, Massey Ferguson or a Craftsman can be dangerous, and when such a machine is taken onto a Florida roadway, the operator is subject to all the traffic laws of the state. A recent incident in Polk County led to a lawnmower operator’s arrest after he allegedly rear-ended a police vehicle. Law enforcement accused the man of drinking and driving.

According to the arrest report, police were responding to an incident when they noticed a man riding on a motorized lawnmower, which had an attached trailer. Officers say the man might have escaped their attention had he not rear-ended the police cruiser. They say the man remained at the scene, and a blood-alcohol test resulted in a reading of .241, which is significantly higher than the allowed level of .08.

Reportedly, the 68-year-old lawnmower operator did not have a valid driver’s license since his license was suspended when he was 27 years old. Law enforcement alleges the man became aggressive and denied taking cocaine even though blood tests supposedly indicated the presence of the drug. Officers say he also had two prior DUI convictions on his record. He was arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail.

Having an experienced criminal defense attorney in his corner can be an invaluable asset for this man or anyone else who is accused of drinking and driving in Florida. In this case, the attorney will likely examine the equipment and methods used to test alcohol and drug levels, particularly because the accused man claims the cocaine was planted on him. The lawyer can also raise legal challenges, as appropriate, and focus on a strategy designed to achieve a lesser sentence or even an outright dismissal of pending charges.