How much does a Florida DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2019 | Firm News

Drunk driving is a serious offense, and if authorities in Florida stop your car and believe that you have been drinking, you can count on them asking you to take a breath test. If that breath test results in a driving under the influence charge, and if that charge ultimately results in a conviction, you can count on it taking a serious and considerable toll on your bank account in the aftermath.

Even first-time DUI offenders in Florida face substantial penalties for their crimes, and you may, depending on the circumstances surrounding your charge, have to pay thousands of dollars in DUI-related fines. While the fines that directly relate to your DUI conviction can cost you a substantial amount of money, so, too, per, can paying for automotive insurance once you get your driving privileges reinstated. Just how much can you expect your annual car insurance premium to rise in the wake of a Florida drunk driving conviction?

Skyrocketing insurance rates

Once you have a DUI conviction on your Florida driving record, you become much more of a liability in the eyes of insurance providers, and you can expect your new insurance rates to reflect this. So, just what kind of an automotive insurance increase might you face?

Before you had a DUI on your driving record, you were probably paying somewhere around $2,250 per year for car insurance coverage, which is the average amount paid by the typical Florida motorist. After your conviction, though, you can plan on paying somewhere in the ballpark of $3,614 for coverage, which is a difference of $1,364, and more than 60%.

While finding affordable insurance coverage can be tough after a drunk driving conviction, so, too, can finding an insurer interested in offering you coverage at all. You may need to speak with several different auto insurance providers to find one that can make you a manageable offer.