Juvenile crimes: Teenager allegedly pays for murder of parents

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Juvenile Crimes

The parents of a Florida teenager are pressing charges after learning that their daughter planned to pay someone to kill them. The 17-year-old girl was arrested for juvenile crimes and charged with attempted murder. A police affidavit indicates that the teenager planned to pay for the killings with money she allegedly stole from her parents.

According to the document, investigators questioned the girl’s boyfriend, who said she told him about her plan to have her parents killed when they were both at a drug house. Investigators say the teenager admitted that she used money that she stole from her parents to pay for their murder. After a failed attempt by a friend who was paid $400, she allegedly hired another person to kill her parents for $900.

The accused teenager also told investigators that she paid for cocaine with a portion of the stolen money. Reportedly, both of the murder-for-hire plots failed, and the parents were unharmed. However, they decided not to let it go. Instead, they chose to file criminal charges against their daughter. She is now held in a juvenile detention center until her court appearance for two counts of criminal solicitation for murder.

Although this teenager will be charged as a juvenile, a conviction will adversely affect all aspects of her future. The most sensible way to proceed will be to talk to an attorney who has experience in dealing with juvenile crimes. Under Florida laws, courts aim to rehabilitate juveniles instead of punishing them. A skilled criminal defense attorney will work to achieve the best possible outcome for the client with the least damage to his or her future.