A catchy slogan with adverse consequences for some drivers

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | DUI

Safety regulators and criminal law authorities work hard to capture the attention of motorists concerning various enforcement campaigns they periodically roll out across the country.

One standard tactic is to work with marketers skilled in conjuring memorable phrases and images that readily resonate with drivers. The underlying rationale of the successive initiatives that seek to put motorists quickly on notice is that a short and punchy mantra will do the trick: If drivers see it, they will heed it.

Drivers across Southwest Florida and the rest of the state know well what we’re talking about. Most motorists who have literally been around the block a time or two are familiar with phrases like “Click it or Ticket” and “Booze It & Lose It.”

Perhaps the most well known of all enforcement-linked phrases is the one that was prominently on display last week at a news conference in Fort Myers. The program entitled “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” was front and center in a venue featuring area police agencies.

The Drive Sober initiative is a campaign that is recurrently reintroduced during select periods every year. Notably, program enforcement this time arounds begins today and is slated to span the year-ending holidays. Drive Sober will conclude January 2.

What drivers can most expect from Drive Sober is a heightened police presence on streets, highways and other roadways, with law enforcers actively seeking to identify under-the-influence motorists and convict them on DUI charges.

Understandably, that can dampen holiday ardor in a hurry, and mark year’s end with stark consequences that we duly note on our website at the proven Fort Myers criminal defense Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey. Those can include “stiff fines, the loss of your driver’s license, potential jail time and a scar on your permanent record.”

We wish all our readers safe holidays and a year-end trouble-free driving experience. Southwest Florida drivers who do find themselves facing DUI-linked challenges can reach out to an experienced and aggressive legal team that strives for best-case results in every legal matter.