Florida juveniles and theft/property criminal charges

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2020 | Juvenile Crimes

Juveniles in Fort Myers and surrounding areas of Southwest Florida and the Gulf Coast become targets sometimes in criminal law probes.

Those investigations can be varied and wide-ranging, with alleged wrongdoers spanning a spectrum from college-aged individuals to younger adolescents.

We note on our website at the established Fort Myers Law Firm of Scott T. Moorey the sheer scope of criminal charges that can come to light in a probe centering on a juvenile. Young people we represent need timely, aggressive and results-oriented help in matters like the following:

  • Drug investigations (pot and other substances, with charges ranging from possession to intent to sell)
  • Sex crimes like assault and sexting
  • Criminal traffic violations (DUI and many other matters)
  • Theft and property crimes

We spotlight that last bullet point in today’s post, noting on our website that the charges our deep legal team routinely defends against for valued clients span a virtual universe of possibilities. Young people are sometimes rash and commit shoplifting or petty offenses without ill intent or due regard for the consequences. Offenders sometimes engage in identity theft, sell or receive stolen property, steal cars or damage property through vandalism or other acts.

Such behavior can give rise to potentially weighty consequences. We stress that certain acts “constitute felony offenses that can lead to years in prison,” as well as punitive fines and other life-limiting exactions.

We believe that rehabilitation and a second chance should feature prominently in most criminal law cases involving juveniles, with that viewpoint centrally guiding our firm’s impassioned and tailored client advocacy.

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