What are the non-monetary costs of a DUI?

On Behalf of | Feb 2, 2021 | DUI

Florida police arrested you for driving under the influence recently, and you know the charge comes with substantial financial costs. Do you understand how the charge affects your life in other ways?

Absolute Advocacy explores the significant shifts that you may experience after a drunk driving charge. Prepare yourself for the changes ahead.

Legal action

If you harmed another person or vehicle while inebriated and behind the wheel, you may face a civil lawsuit from parties seeking justice and compensation. Depending on how the case turns out, the results may trigger more life changes for you.

Opportunities for employment

Do you want to switch companies or careers? If so, potential employers may run a background check on you before offering a position. Learning of your DUI may harm your chances of moving forward in the hiring process. If your current employer learns of your run-in with the law, that may bar you from a promotion. Working with the government or in the military could be out of the question with a DUI on your record.

Personal relationships

If friends and family learn of your charge, their opinion of you could sour. If you have a significant other, your relationship may become strained. Even if you do not tell those closest to you about your DUI, holding onto such a secret could still alter your bond.

Emotional and mental health

Do not ignore any anxiety, depression or stress that you feel in the coming days. Criminal charges may leave an imprint on your mental health, and you may experience PTSD surrounding your encounter with law enforcement and the legal system.

Hopefully, you endure the ways a DUI changes your life. Seek help when you need it.