Common myths about DUI charges in Florida

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Criminal Defense, DUI

After getting arrested for drinking and driving, you may have fears and concerns about what happens next as well as how a potential conviction could affect your life. You may also feel anxious about the consequences you face.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, under Florida law, you could face penalties for DUI if you drove a vehicle with a blood alcohol content level at or above 0.08%. But there are many myths that surround the DUI process and what actually happens after an arrest.

Myth: You face the maximum penalty no matter what

You may automatically assume that you are subject to the most severe form of punishment if you get convicted for DUI. Depending on your circumstances, opportunities exist that may allow you to mitigate your charges and penalties.

Myth: Blood alcohol content reliably indicates impairment

Many different factors can affect your level of impairment. These can include things like whether you ate before drinking, any medications you take, your age, your weight and your gender.

Myth: You can only challenge your DUI through a trial case

If you want to challenge your DUI case, you do not necessarily have to go to trial. In many cases, you can negotiate a more favorable outcome before your case gets brought to trial.

Since a DUI conviction can change your life, you should not ignore the charges brought against you. Show up for your court hearings, file all necessary paperwork and refrain from believing myths about the DUI process.