Can a prank land your Florida teen in legal trouble?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Juvenile Crime

Teenage pranks are a common occurrence, whether they play them on friends or on those they do not like, but could your teen find him or herself in legal trouble with the Florida police and court systems as the result of such an act? The Pensacola News Journal reports that many pranks can result in fines for both teens and parents and, in extreme cases, jail time.

While some pranks seem harmless and remind you of antics you and your friends pulled off as youths, Florida laws have likely changed since then and your teen could find his or her record marred by a juvenile criminal offense.

Fake bomb or shooting threats

Your teen and his or her friends may dare each other to call in a fake bomb or school shooting threat or post it anonymously on social media. Not only could this disrupt school scheduling and frighten many people, but if your child gets caught, it means a second-degree felony charge. As the parents of the perpetrator, you may have to pay fees and damages connected with such an act.


While bullying at school is not a new problem, the advent of the internet and social media makes it simpler than ever, tempting your teen to post messages about a student he or she dislikes. However, most Florida schools have strict rules about this act, and if the parents of the bullied child decide to press charges, you may end up paying fines or end up in juvenile court.

It is sometimes difficult to get to the root of the matter when teenage pranks occur. You may want to remind your teen that honesty is often the best policy so he or she can avoid a serious criminal charge.