What should you know about participating in drug court?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Drug Crimes

Struggles with drug use may affect every aspect of your life, up to and including getting you in trouble with the law. Although meant to prevent crime recidivism, time in jail may not provide you the help you need to avoid running afoul of law enforcement in the future.

Before you seek admittance into the county’s drug court program, it behooves you to have an understanding of what you will sign up for by doing so.

The costs

According to the 20th Judicial Circuit of Florida, participation in the felony drug court program comes with mandatory fees. In addition to paying fees in accordance with state law, you will also bear responsibility for the monthly cost of your treatment program.

The requirements

The drug court program consists of several phases with specified benchmarks. To move from one phase to the next, you will have to meet the necessary requirements. Depending on the circumstances, your program will typically include concentrated drug treatment, as well as regular monitoring and court appearances. While involved in the program, you must adhere to the outlined requirements, including abstaining from drug use.

The outcome

Upon graduation from the program, you may have the charges against you dismissed. The court will generally dismiss a violation of probation affidavit, and keep your original conviction, or dismiss the charges against you if you successfully complete each phase of the program.

Traditional drug offense penalties focus on punishment. The drug court program, however, may open a path for you to overcome your drug problem and avoid future run-ins with law enforcement.