Designer drugs can still result in serious charges

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2022 | blog, Drug Crimes

If you face drug charges, there are various substances that police officers can investigate. One of the said substance types includes designer drugs. Chemists create designer drugs in clandestine labs across the U.S.

Generally, chemists develop designer drugs to create a euphoric high.

What constitutes designer drugs?

There are seven types of designer drugs. Drug names may include phenethylamines, cannabinoids, tryptamines, phencyclidines, piperazine, n-ring systems and pipradrols. While many of these drugs may not sound familiar, their names come from the chemical structure of different substances. The point of designer drugs is to mimic other drugs. Chemists design them to make them difficult for drug enforcement agencies to pick up on.

Some people use designer drugs because they have an unclear legal status. The idea is that if the substance mimics a banned substance but does not include the same chemicals, drug enforcement agencies cannot arrest the person for possessing them. Additionally, many of these drugs do not show up on drug tests. However, the idea that you cannot face arrest for designer drugs tends to be false.

What penalties come with designer drugs?

Given the number of officers on the street investigating drug crimes, you may find yourself in significant trouble because of possessing designer drugs. Fighting drug charges can be a complex procedure. Your charges depend on the number of drugs you possess and the arresting agency involved. You could face jail time, fines and a permanent criminal record.

Designer drugs have the same capacity for causing addiction like any other drug on the market. Many people who face drug charges struggle with substance abuse disorders and addiction.