3 things college students should know about Florida alcohol laws

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Drug Crimes

While alcohol laws often remain similar from state to state, staying aware of specific rules matters. College students under 21 in Florida face severe consequences for possessing or drinking alcohol and even those of legal age need to follow specific laws.

Whether a student or parent of a student, staying aware of these rules and helping to remind others keeps everyone out of trouble.

1. Fake IDs used to purchase alcohol

Using a fake ID, whether a driver’s license or another type of identification may lead to serious punishment including steep fines and even jail time. Letting a friend borrow your ID card also breaks the law.

2. Open containers of alcohol

Whether or not you are of age having an open bottle, can, cup or any container containing alcohol in your car breaks the law. Laws also prevent bringing open containers with you in many public spaces, so pay attention to rules at beaches, parks and in cities and towns.

3. DUIs for underage or of-age drinkers

Florida puts in a serious effort to prevent drinking and driving through stringent laws. Those over 21 face serious fines and other punishments should they receive a DUI charge. Underage people face similar consequences, but with a much lower acceptable breath alcohol level. They may also receive a charge for illegal possession of alcohol.

College creates memories that last a lifetime, but avoid adding getting charged for an alcohol-related crime to your experience. Most alcohol laws remain simple, but there remain a few subtleties to stay aware of.