How does the ignition interlock device program work?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | blog, DUI

A DUI conviction can result in losing your license and being unable to drive for quite a long time. Not having access to this privilege can become a hardship, but the state offers an option that would allow you to resume driving despite the conviction.

The ignition Interlock device program allows you to get your driving rights back if you install an IID in your vehicle.

How it works

An IID goes into your vehicle and requires a clean breath test before the vehicle will start. If you are under the influence, it will not allow you to drive. Do note, it will log all attempts.


You must pay to install and maintain the device in your vehicle. The cost for the installation is $70, with monthly fees of up to $75. Additional fees are for maintaining the device and meeting requirements, which include appointment fees. Monthly you will have a $25 appointment fee. Note you will have additional charges if you miss your appointment. You also will have charges if you get a violation on the device.


The IID program is available in Brevard, Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties. You can enter the program for various DUI offenses, but the length of time you must keep the device in your vehicle varies. For example, for a first-time offense where your breath test was 0.20 or more, you would have it in your vehicle for up to six months. More serious charges would require longer periods.

The IID program gives you the chance to drive again after a DUI conviction. It can be expensive because of the various fees and charges, but it helps to prevent further drunk driving incidents.