Mental health help may prevent future drug-related charges

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2023 | Drug Crimes

Often, people who face drug-related charges struggle with addiction and mental illness. If you struggle with a substance use disorder, there is a high chance that you have co-existing mental health disorders.

Substance use disorder can make it difficult for you to control your impulses regarding various substances. You may find yourself acting out of character to obtain illicit substances. Fortunately, mental health help may be able to prevent future charges.

Substance use disorders can co-occur with mental health disorders

If you struggle with other mental health disorders, you are more likely to develop addiction and vice versa. The most common co-occurring conditions include bipolar, anxiety, ADHD, depression and personality disorders. Like other mental health disorders, substance use may be genetic. People from families who struggle with addiction tend to have a higher chance of developing SUD. In addition to genetics, environmental factors, such as trauma and stress can influence the development of different mental health conditions, including addiction.

Treatment can prevent future addiction

If you struggle with substance abuse, there is help available to you. Research shows that behavioral therapies may be able to treat people who have co-occurring disorders. Behavioral therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, aim at helping people cope with challenging situations and irrational thoughts. In addition to behavioral therapy, treatment options may include medications that can lessen withdrawal symptoms and treat co-occurring disorders.

If you have untreated mental health disorders, they could contribute to your addiction. Often, people will seek illicit substances to treat underlying disorders.