Fort Myers sued by NFL player wrongfully arrested

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2016 | Sex Crimes

Nate Allen is a native son of Fort Myers, having risen from relative football obscurity in high school in Cape Coral and college at South Florida to a long NFL career. The hard-hitting safety now plies his trade with the Oakland Raiders, though he is now teaching the city of Fort Myers that he can dish out punishment off the field as well as he can on the gridiron.

Allen is suing the city over his 2015 arrest on a misdemeanor charge of indecent exposure. He is also suing the former chief of police in the matter.

Allen was taken into custody as officers investigated a report filed by a 16-year-old girl of indecent exposure by a man on US 41. Police later examined video from a surveillance camera that showed a suspect in a truck driving in the area of the crime that was described to police. Allen was also driving a truck that night February night; Allen and his vehicle are said to have matched the descriptions of the suspect in his truck.

According to a news report, the girl identified Allen as the suspect, though Allen was unwavering in his insistence that he committed no crime.

Police later found the video showing another man in the crime area, as well as cellphone and credit card evidence that Allen could not have been the suspect.

A State Attorney said, “Mr. Nate Allen should be commended for his patience, cooperation, and understanding” in the case of mistaken identity. But the apology is insufficient for the NFL player.

The case will hopefully help readers understand that the police are sometimes wrong and witnesses are sometimes mistaken.

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