It’s a wrap: Rapper charged with DUI, marijuana possession

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2017 | DUI

He is just 21 years old, but has already been signed to a major label recording deal, been dropped by the label, formed his own record company, retired and unretired. Now rapper Chief Keef is focusing on legal troubles that include a recent arrest for driving under the influence of so-called “sizzurp,” a mix of codeine cough syrup and soda.

Chief Keef (his real name is Keith Cozart) was taken into custody after a Miami Beach police officer claimed to find him in possession of “a cup filled with a syrupy liquid known as sizzurp, which is also known as ‘lean’ or ‘purple drank,’ ” the cop wrote in the arrest report.

Keef was charged with DUI after a traffic stop that began when a passenger jumped out of the sports car Keef was driving. Officers saw the passenger get out of the high-end McLaren while it was stopped at a light.

The passenger ran to a car behind the McLaren, giving someone in that car “a bag with a green leafy substance,” according to the police report. The passenger then headed back to Keef’s car, but was stopped by a cop pointing a Taser at him.

A second officer pointed a Taser at Cozart who was apparently “moving his hands around in the vehicle.”

After a search, marijuana was apparently found in the car that had trailed the McLaren.

By the time all was said and done, three people faced marijuana possession charges. One of them was also said to be in possession of nine fraudulent credit cards, while another passenger reportedly had four fraudulent credit cards in his possession. No ID theft charges were listed in the news report, however.

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