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How to stay safe if the other person is violent after a crash

| Jul 26, 2018 | Firm News

You are minding your own business on the road, when, without warning, another vehicle strikes your car. Suddenly, you find yourself facing a situation most people encounter at least once in their lives – dealing with the aftermath of a minor car accident. While this scenario is frustrating and even a little scary to endure, Florida residents shouldn’t have to fear for their safety when sorting out the details of a crash at the curbside.

Unfortunately, tempers often flare when people crunch their cars. What should you do if a furious driver confronts you when all you want is to exchange insurance information, make a statement to the authorities and get on with your life?

Normal things to do after an accident

Ordinarily, you would exchange contact and insurance details with the others involved in the crash. You would also need to call law enforcement, who will get statements from you, the other driver and anyone else who witnessed the accident. You will also want to be sure everyone is OK and call an ambulance if necessary.

However, when you get out of your car to talk to the other driver, you are shocked to find him angrily heading in your direction. He is red-faced, shouting and looking as if he is about to physically assault you.

Protecting yourself from a potentially violent incident

The accident may have triggered a road rage situation, which is not uncommon, unfortunately. A person who is engaged in road rage is highly unlikely to calm down and talk rationally. In fact, road rage is considered a criminal offense, since the angry person is intending to cause harm.

In this case, your best bet may be to get back inside your vehicle, lock the doors and call 911. If the other driver punches your car, pulls out a weapon or uses his or her car to ram yours, you may have no choice but to drive to the nearest populated area – such as a grocery store – to get help. In a normal situation, you would not want to leave the scene of the accident, but you may need to do so if waiting for police in your locked car isn’t safe. Be sure to stay on the line with the 911 operator and follow instructions.

Hopefully, this situation will never happen to you, but staying calm and thinking quickly may protect you from harm.