Florida high school student faces possession charges

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2019 | Drug Crimes

With teenagers’ easy access for all to marijuana-related products, many Florida schools have to deal with associated problems. In a recent incident, an 18-year-old teen was arrested and put behind bars for alleged possession of contraband. The teen was arrested on the property of the high school.

Reportedly, a teacher became suspicious upon noticing several boys entering the restroom while one stayed at the door, allegedly as a lookout. The teacher then approached the restroom, at which time the lookout allegedly warned the other students. The teacher claims to have seen the teenager flushing what was believed to be an e-cigarette down the toilet. The teacher then stopped the boy from getting rid of a second vape pen that he pulled from his backpack.

A report that was prepared by a deputy who was the assigned school resource officer indicates that the teenager pleaded not to be turned in. However, the teacher reported the incident to the school administration and turned in the confiscated vape pen. A test that was done by the sheriff’s office reportedly identified the contents of the e-cigarette as a THC oil-containing substance.

The resource officer arrested the teen for possession of contraband for which he could not provide a medical prescription. A conviction on drug charges can cause serious harm to the teenager’s future and freedom. A criminal defense attorney who grasps the severity of the situation can protect the rights of anyone in Florida who was unaware of breaking the law or was falsely accused, or even someone needing help to overcome drug addiction.