Steps to take after a hit-and-run injury

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2019 | Firm News

Hit and runs are incredibly dangerous. A four-year-old boy from Holiday suffered severe injuries following a hit-and-run incident. Police are still on the hunt for the driver responsible. 

Anyone who has been a victim of a violent crime needs to take the proper actions immediately. You greatly increase the odds of receiving adequate compensation if you know what to do in the aftermath. That way, if the cops can track down the driver responsible for the hit and run, you have sufficient evidence to take that person to court. 

Stay where you are and call 9-1-1

Most hit and runs involve one car striking another. While you may feel tempted to go after the other driver, it is incredibly unsafe. You should try to take note of any distinctive features of the vehicle that hit you and contact 9-1-1. Once help is on the way, jot down all the features you remember. 

Try to find any witnesses nearby

You may not remember the car’s license plate number, but someone nearby may have seen it. You should talk to people in the vicinity to see if they saw anything. Additionally, you can talk to nearby shop owners to determine if they had any security cameras rolling at the time of the incident. You should take note of what witnesses remember. Get their contact information, so you can contact them later, if necessary. 

Call your insurance agency

After speaking with the police, you should go to a hospital to make sure your injuries are not too severe. From there, reach out to your auto insurance company to report the accident. Your insurance should cover hit and runs as long as you have collision coverage. Many people decide to opt-out of this coverage, but it truly comes in handy when you need it.