How a DUI may harm your child’s educational plans

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2019 | Firm News

Raising good kids in modern society can be challenging for any parent. Fortunately, if you encourage your son or daughter to pursue a college degree, you likely increase the chances of your child’s success. Still, a conviction for driving under the influence may derail your teenager’s educational plans. 

In 2017, alcohol was a contributing factor in 23% of all fatal car accidents in Florida involving teen motorists. Your child does not have to die or sustain a serious injury in a drunk driving accident to suffer hardship, though. If prosecutors charge the young driver in your family with a DUI offense, he or she may experience a variety of educational consequences. 

College scholarships 

College can be unbelievably expensive. Fortunately, merit-based and other types of scholarships are often an effective way to pay for higher education. If your child receives a DUI conviction, though, he or she may lose scholarship funds. Further, if your teenager drives under the influence of drugs, federal financial aid may become unavailable. 

Student housing 

Many college dorms have a code of conduct that residents must respect. While collegiate rules vary from institution to institution, a DUI charge or conviction may get your teenager evicted from student housing. 

Employment prospects 

Many students pursue educational degrees in the hopes of landing their dream jobs. As you likely know, though, DUI convictions may place certain occupations out of reach for the student in your family. For example, if your teenager wants to work in a profession with ethical responsibilities, such as medicine or law, passing a professional background check with a DUI on his or her record may be nearly impossible. 

Like all parents, you want your children to succeed. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction may make achieving educational goals exceedingly difficult. By explaining the scholastic consequences of a DUI conviction to the young one in your family, you may help your son or daughter stay on track.