Juvenile crimes: Check your kids’ planned Halloween pranks

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2019 | Juvenile Crimes

What is more fun than dressing up for Halloween and trick or treating in Florida or elsewhere? However, along with costumes and candy, it is the time for pranks. While most pranks are done for fun, it might be a good idea to check that the pranks your teenagers plan will not get them arrested and charged with juvenile crimes.

While scaring people may be par for the course on Halloween, it is best to make sure that the scaring tactics are not seen as intimidating. Getting physical can cause “victims” to feel threatened and call the police. Beware that typical Halloween activities, such as toilet papering gardens or homes, smashing pumpkins and digging up plants might lead to allegations of vandalism.

Underage drinking is not OK, even on Halloween. Although it is not uncommon for teens to attend drinking parties on Halloween, it is illegal and could have dire consequences. No one wants to sit behind bars while friends and family are having fun. It might be a good idea for parents of teenagers to sit down and discuss which tricks to avoid on Halloween.

In the event of a Florida parent being notified that his or her child was arrested, the sensible step would be to call an attorney with experience in dealing with allegations of juvenile crimes. Having legal counsel present from the onset can ensure the child’s legal rights are protected during questioning and all the ensuing legal proceedings. A lawyer can examine the charges and procedures followed during the arrest, and address any irregularities in the court, while doing what is necessary to prevent Halloween pranks leading to a criminal history.