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What happens if you violate probation?

| Dec 13, 2019 | Criminal Defense

Probation is a service that you may be eligible for after committing a crime. Rather than facing jail time or other harsh penalties, probation serves to correct offenders’ behaviors and prevent them from committing the crime again.

Types of probation

The probation options available to you depend on your crime. Different types of probation generally revolve around a correctional-based program and can include:

Your probation can last anywhere from one to three years, but it can be more depending on your offense. But violating the terms of probation could lead to an extended period, among other things.

What counts as probation violation?

While serving probation may seem more bearable than spending time in jail, it’s also a responsibility. It’s up to you to follow through and abide by the conditions of your probation. When you break them, you may face the penalties you initially avoided. The ways in which probation can be broken might involve any of the following violations:

  • Failing to appear in court
  • Not reporting to your probation officer on time
  • Going directly against the terms of your probation
  • Committing another crime while on probation
  • Travelling without permission from your probation officer

Penalties await you

A court will likely schedule a hearing for you after a probation violation. There, a judge will determine whether your violation warrants a sentencing. If you’re found guilty of violating your probation, you could face additional probation terms, brief jail time or costly fines. You may even have to spend the remainder of your probation behind bars, which can last years.

Maintain your rights

Probation is a service meant to help you succeed and overcome your past criminal behavior. Should you violate your probation for any reason, however, you still have rights. Don’t let a slip-up dictate the rest of your life. An attorney can help you through this tumultuous time and set you on a path towards rehabilitation and recovery.