DUI license reinstatement is possible but expect conditions

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If law enforcement stops you on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances or chemical substances, you face the suspension of your driver’s license.

License suspension is a tough penalty to deal with for almost all drivers, but reinstatement is possible, although with certain conditions.

About administrative suspensions

If you are a first offender over the age of 21 and testing shows your blood alcohol concentration level is .08% or higher, you stand to lose your driving privileges for six months. The suspension will occur immediately. The officer who stops you will provide you with a temporary driving permit, which is only valid for 10 days as long as you are otherwise eligible. If, as a first offender, you refuse to take a breath, blood or urine test, you will lose your license for one year.

Reinstatement for employment

You can request a review of your license suspension with the FLHSMV. Reviews address administrative suspensions and are separate from any criminal proceedings. If you were driving with a BAC of .08% or above or if you refuse testing, you must enroll in DUI school and apply for a hearing to determine possible hardship license reinstatement. If your BAC was .15% or above, you must have an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle for up to six months. The requirements for hardship license eligibility increase significantly if you have second or subsequent DUI convictions.

An action item

Along with the suspension of your driving privileges, a conviction for DUI brings other penalties including heavy fines, possible jail time and a stain on your record. It is therefore important to take DUI charges seriously and address them promptly.