What are ignition interlock devices?

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2020 | DUI

If you have been charged and/or convicted of a DUI in Florida, you know firsthand the challenges that can come from the aftermath. In addition to substantial monetary fines and probation, those convicted of DUI in Florida have their driver’s licenses revoked. 

People who are eligible for a restricted driver’s license, may be eligible for an ignition interlock device as well. While a restricted driver’s license gives you a reliable form of transportation, ignition interlock devices also come with responsibilities. 

What is an IID?

If you are required to have an interlock device installed in your vehicle,  you must take your car to an approved vendor, according to Florida state statutes. The device is then installed and wired directly to the ignition system of the car. A dashboard monitor and camera allow you to start the vehicle by exhaling a sample of air into a tube connected to the device. 

The machine measures the amount of alcohol found in the air sample, and if it is below a preset level, will allow the car to start. Periodically throughout the drive, you must blow into the tube to keep the car going. If at any time, you fail a breath test or do not give a sample, the car will power down. All information regarding startup attempts, BAC levels and lockouts, is stored within the device. 

Do you have to get an IID?

Interlock devices are not mandated in all DUI cases. Whether you must use an IID and for how long depends on how many offenses you have, as well as your blood alcohol content level at the time of your arrest. For example, you are not required to use an IID for a first offense unless otherwise ordered by the court. However, if your BAC level is at 0.15 or above on your first offense, you must use an IID for at least six months. 

If you receive a second DUI, you are required to use an IID for at least one year. Unless your BAC level is 0.15 or above, in which you must use it for two years. 

Interlock devices can help you get back on your feet and give you the ability to get where you need to go.