Will Barry expel you for drug use?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Every college treats drug and alcohol abuse differently. You can usually find some clue about the university’s position in the student handbook.

It often also has to do with some other factors specific to the event in question. Here are some details specific to Barry and Fort Myers.

Where did it happen?

Context matters for drugs and alcohol. According to the Barry student handbook, you would have to report certain criminal convictions to the administration. Here are the criteria:

  • The offense occurred in the university
  • You had a conviction
  • You were a student or employee of Barry at the time

What does the university think?

Barry aligns itself with state, municipal and federal laws. It is an important part of the Fort Myers community, and it wants to create a safe environment for living and learning.

What are the consequences?

The handbook says that you could be subject to sanctions — in addition to legal penalties — if you had a drug or alcohol conviction for offenses in the university or as part of the school’s activities. These sanctions could include fines, community service, housing probation, parental notification, counseling and, for repeated offenses, suspension.

There are also some specific reporting requirements if you are on a federal student loan. You would have five days to report a qualifying conviction, after which time the university would have thirty days to impose sanctions.

There are usually other aspects to these cases beyond what you can find in a handbook. For example, you might have to consider the prevailing political atmosphere, the severity of the offense, the result of any criminal defense strategy, your level of contrition and your current standing with Barry.