How does a DUI affect your college life?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2021 | DUI

When facing a DUI charge for the first time, you may be of two minds. No matter what, it is always scary to face criminal charges. Your thoughts may run wild, causing anxiety and concern. On the other hand, as it is a first time offense, you may feel tempted to think they will let you off easy.

Unfortunately, even a first time DUI conviction may potentially impact your life for years to come. But how, and why?

Financial risks

The College Investor takes a look at how DUI convictions can influence the direction your life goes in. This is particularly true during the college years. As someone attending college, you also know how expensive it is. Unfortunately, your financial ability to attend college will likely be the first thing at risk.

A college will almost definitely pull its financial backing of you, if it provided any in the first place. This can include grants, scholarships and more. They may also prohibit you from using on-campus housing. This adds the additional cost of regular rental prices to what you already pay. For many, this alone is enough to price you out of college.

Career risks

Your career opportunities may also suffer. Many industries do not accept someone with a DUI on record. This includes everything from teaching and childcare to government positions. Of course, any driving position is out of the question.

Some employers will discriminate against you because of your record too, even if it is not against industry standards. As you can see, this can impact both your schooling and your employability after you graduate. Thus, you may want to contact a legal expert for guidance if you end up in this situation.