How does a DUI impact your schooling?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | blog, DUI

Getting a DUI conviction at any time for any reason can have serious repercussions on your future. This is also true if you are a college student or aspire to be one in the near future.

Unfortunately, even a first-time DUI offense could have a major impact on your school path. It could even impact the career path you can follow. But how?

Expulsion and financial rebuke

The College Investor looks into how colleges often handle a DUI conviction from a student. Generally speaking, most colleges will not immediately leap to expulsion. There are a few instances where this might happen, such as if another student dies or gets severely injured in a DUI-related crash or if a lot of property damage happens.

However, it is more likely that a college will take steps to financially oust you instead. Essentially, a college will revoke any financial support they previously offered. This can include scholarships, awards, gifts and more.

They will also often bar you from utilizing on-campus housing, which is often a much lower overall cost than off-campus housing. This is especially true for campuses located in larger cities, of which many are.

Alterations to your career

Even your career path can end up affected. Many fields do not accept applicants with a DUI on record. This includes government positions as well as jobs that work with kids, such as childcare workers or even teachers.

Thus, one DUI can actually change your entire career trajectory, depending on what you intended to do. This is why you should treat any DUI charge seriously from the start.