How can a single DUI change the course of your life?

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2022 | Firm News

Getting a DUI can make a serious impact on a person’s life. This goes for any person, and whether or not it is a first-time DUI.

How exactly can one single DUI potentially alter the course of a person’s entire life, though?

Obvious impacts of a DUI

The College Investor discusses the impact of a DUI on a person’s life. Generally speaking, most people think about the obvious effects of getting a DUI when they discuss its impact on a person’s future. This can include time in jail, fines and fees, and more.

These impact a person’s life in more obvious ways, such as interrupting their ability to continue working or even pushing them beyond the point where they can pay for their own bills and necessities.

The disruption of schooling and careers

However, DUI convictions can affect a person in even more ways than that. For one, it can prevent a person from pursuing their schooling. Certain colleges may refuse an applicant purely on the basis of criminal record.

For students already in a college, they may face sudden financial hurdles in the form of the college dropping its financial support and even forcing the student in question to move off campus.

It can also block a person’s career paths long after they finish any jail time they may have or repay any debts. Many careers do not hire people with a DUI on record. This includes government entities, jobs that work with children and jobs that require a commercial driver’s license.

Thus, it is important for anyone facing a DUI charge to take it seriously from the start and act in self-preservation.