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Can you be misled into thinking you are sober?

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2022 | DUI

If you are too drunk to drive, you might think you can sober yourself up quickly through one or more methods you have heard about. However, so-called fast ways to get sober generally do not work. You could find yourself charged with DUI even after trying one or more of them.

As Healthline explains, some of these methods may be deceiving. While you could think you are ready to drive, in reality, you probably retain a high enough blood alcohol level that may result in legal penalties. Here is a look at some instances where a method of sobering you up is unlikely to work.

Having some coffee

You might think a cup of coffee will be enough to quell your inebriation. Since caffeine has stimulating effects, it can make you feel more alert. However, coffee does not quicken your body’s efforts to metabolize alcohol. You could still suffer sensory impairment for a time after consuming some coffee.

Jumping into the shower

Showering yourself with cold water may shock you awake and bring up your energy level. Still, a cold shower does not rid your body of alcohol. At best, you may get a burst of energy that does not last long before you feel tipsy again. You could also pass out from the sudden shock of the cold water.

Sleeping after passing out

Getting a good night’s sleep helps your body process alcohol. However, your sleep might not have been truly restful. If you pass out and sleep for a few hours, you may wake up with a hangover.

Attempting to drive just because you have slept for any amount of time could prove dangerous if you feel groggy. Sometimes a second, longer nap is necessary to fully restore your senses. Generally, time and good rest are what fully relieve you of alcohol and make it safe to drive.